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Welcome to my blog (scroll down to see individual posts), which was originally on a separate site at I also have a separate Inkygirl newsletter on Substack at

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My Thoughts: Social Media For Kidlit Book Creators in 2023

(Last updated January 1, 2023) [EDIT: I am no longer active on Ongoing tech issues and a changing user profile format (you’ll notice that none of my Post profile links in this article work anymore) discouraged me, but it was mainly the negativity that turned me off – the . . .

Comic: Old School Writing

Starting to revamp some of my old Will Write For Chocolate comics so I’m not so embarrassed about sharing them anymore. Also was thinking of this particular strip because I do still find that writing by hand can be a great way to free up part of my writer brain, . . .

Mastodon: Is It A Good Alternative To Twitter?

(Last updated November 25, 2022) Like many others, I’ve been checking out Mastodon as a possible alternative to Twitter, if the latter implodes the way some say it might. Of all social media platforms, Twitter is my personal favourite. I get why some people say it’s negative but for me, . . .

NaNoWriMo comic: The Word Pusher

To those doing NaNoWriMo this year: good luck! I hope you find all the words. Here’s the first episode of NaNoMusical; I have a dancing cameo!

Home Office Mailing Tips For Freelance Creators In Canada

After decades of being a freelancer, first as a writer (mainly nonfiction) and now as a writer and illustrator, I’ve streamlined some of my business and creative routines. I’m going to start sharing some of these tips in my blog, in case it helps any other creatives out there. In . . .