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October 17, 2022: Sam & Eva Creative Collab challenge for schools, blog post round-up, 3 in 3 (with tea!), new and old art, tip re: social media and sharing art, useful resources and links, subscriber giveaway.

April 25, 2022: After a long hiatus, tips for creatives about mental health, resource links, subscriber giveaway.

Dec. 27, 2019: 2020 newsletter plans, what’s I’ve learned about comfort zones, talking with young readers, promotion/marketing, illustrating, more.

April 1st, 2018: Life update, my Linda Sue Park book news, Sam & Eva book launch, Judy Blume celebration, free Skypevisits, giveaway for subscribers.

16/06/2017: Gratitude, insecurity rollercoaster, comics, Mitzi Tulane in The Secret Ingredient launch July 11, Nerdcampmi, more #BookADay and Broken Crayon posts, how 5th-graders in Red Deer, AB made my day, more summer reading resources, found object doodles, writers on vacation, Quill & Quire article online.

01/01/2017: New Will Write For Chocolate comic, Quill & Quire cover, #BookADay posts, new found object doodles, my Summer “Look Again” Creative Challenge for Young Artists, Madeleine L’Engle, Chelsea Clinton and A Wrinkle In Time.

21/05/2017: Donalyn Miller’s #Bookaday, Sea Monkey & Bob launch, original art giveaway, sneak peek at my Creativity Project contribution, sign-up for free Skypevisits in 2017-2018 school year, Broken Crayons…and a book?

11/05/2016: Time management, The Creativity Project, NaNoWriMo comics.

12/05/2015: Free holiday cards/poster, #Read1Give1 for literacy and indie bkstores, NaNoWriMo, original art in my Etsy shop, new Will Write For Chocolate comic and LOTS of found object doodles.

10/05/2015: Literary agents looking for picture books NOW, Inktober, free Judy Blume quote poster, Curtis Brown translation rights process, new art and more.

09/25/2015: Cage fighters, how I’m finding more time to read, promo/marketing reminder tip for authors, new free literacy posters, found object art.

09/12/2015: Madeleine L’Engle, CANSCAIP Secrets, Look Again Summer Challenge gallery, libraries and bicycles, game board art.

09/04/2015: Literacy posters, enjoying the journey, new comic, Golden Marmot Award.

08/30/2015: Procrastination, dog-earing, reading ninjas.

06/08/2015: Getting started.