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NOTE: Please note that the following conditions apply ONLY to my Inkygirl and Will Write For Chocolate writer comics in which I am the sole creator. For all other images (including collaborations with others), please contact me for licensing info, thanks.

Creative Commons Licence

My Inkygirl comics for writers by Debbie Ridpath Ohi are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License with the following conditions:

You’re free to copy and reuse my writing-related comic (non-commercially) for your writing-related blog for one-time use as long as the image contains my copyright info and you let people know where it came from. You also don’t need my permission to use one of my GIPHY gifs non-commercially. BUT please keeping reading…

You don’t need my permission to post an unaltered writer comic on your blog as long as you include a link back to this permissions page. If there is no copyright info included with the image, PLEASE LET ME KNOW

Please do NOT crop out my copyright info. I have seen people do this to make it fit better with their social media or blog format. It’s usually done innocently, and usually by non-artists. NEVER CROP OUT COPYRIGHT INFO, even if you include text credit elsewhere. One of the main reasons: If someone scoops/reshares the image from your blog/feed, they may not include the credit info. I have had comics/images go viral without any credit.

Please do NOT add your own branding to my comic or animated gif unless you have my express permission.

I’m also okay with people reprinting occasional writing-related comics (not more than once a month, with clear attribution) in presentations, newsletters, and author promotion blogs. Making my comics a regular part of your publication or site is NOT okay. Featuring my comics part of your brand (even if you’re non-profit) is also NOT okay, including creating user icons from my comics or illustrations.

If I give you permission to use the comic for one-time use in your blog or newsletter, this does NOT mean you have permission to reprint the comic if your column or feature gets syndicated.

If you’re not sure whether your use is non-commercial, please contact me and ask. Please include as much info as possible (the exact URL of the comic, the venue, your readers/viewers, etc.) If you earn any money through your publications, including donations, we would need to talk first. If you are asking about including my comic in a textbook (print or digital), we would need to talk first.

If you need me to send you high-res versions or alternative formats please contact me for rates/details. I will forward your request to Curtis Brown Ltd., and someone will be in contact.

Also note that this applies ONLY to my comics for writers that I create for and, in which I am the sole creator. For all other spot illustrations, comics and my other artwork, please contact me and ask

Thanks for your interest in my comics!

— Debbie