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“You have beautiful stories inside of you that the world wants to hear.” Debut PB Author Darshana Khiani on Writing and HOW TO WEAR A SARI (Sep. 13, 2021)

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Korean Witches, the Power of Revision, and Challenging Your Characters: Graci Kim on Her MG Debut THE LAST FALLEN STAR (May 04, 2021)

“I hope it sparks conversations about our shared humanity and the things we have in common.” Debut PB Author M.O. Yuksel and Illustrator Hatem Aly on IN MY MOSQUE (Apr. 07, 2021)

Starting Big Changes with Small Steps: Charlotte Offsay (Debut PB Author) and Illustrator Katie Rewse on THE BIG BEACH CLEANUP (Mar. 03, 2021)

“I hope young readers walk away with the knowledge that their voice matters!” Chrystal D. Giles on Her Debut MG Novel TAKE BACK THE BLOCK (Feb. 03, 2021)

Ghosts, Rootwork, and Fostering Empathy from an Early Age: Eden Royce Discusses Her Debut MG Novel ROOT MAGIC (Jan. 08, 2021)

Author Shelli R. Johannes, with Co-Author Kimberly Derting and Illustrator Joelle Murray, on LIBBY LOVES SCIENCE: MIX AND MEASURE (Dec. 09, 2020) 

Self-Doubt, Advice For Young Writers, and the Surprising Link Between Science and Art: Christina Li on Her Debut MG Novel, CLUES TO THE UNIVERSE (Nov. 25, 2020)