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Curio for the iPad?

I was recently approached by a publisher who likes my illustrations, asking if I had any stories to go with them. I’ve started using Zengobi’s Curio to brainstorm. LOVE this program. I’m also using it to brainstorm about my other writing projects, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as my cartoons.

Curio’s creator is unsure about whether to create an iPad-friendly version and is asking for feedback on the Curio forums:

I’d love to hear from some students given that we have a TON of college students using Curio. Are you going to be purchasing an iPad? To supplement your Macbook or for replacing it? 

Likewise, we have a ton of professional users (designers, filmmakers, and other creative types, and plus engineers, scientists, etc) using Curio. What are your thoughts on the iPad?

If you’re a Curio user who love to see a version for the iPad, please do post your opinion on the Zengobi Curio forum!

Here are some useful posts about how writers use Curio:

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