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Testing out Zengobi’s Curio as a brainstorming tool for writers

Trying out Curio

I’ve been working on more graphic illustration projects lately, and have been looking for a good brainstorming tool. Scrivener is good for text only but not as easy to use when it comes to combining images and text in different configurations on the fly. Corel Painter is great for pure illustration but not as good for illustration and text brainstorming. 

I was prompted to download a 60-day free trial version of Zengobi’s Curio when I found out that it was hooked with up Evernote. I love Evernote and love the idea of having everything I send to Evernote immediately available to me within Curio.

During my trial period, I’m going to try using Curio as a place to collect story seeds: clippings, thoughts, scribbles, photos, music — pretty much anything that could come together to spark a story. When a story idea gels enough, I’ll switch to Scrivener to work on the detailed outline and text. Though for picture books and graphic novel projects, who knows? Maybe Curio would be a good fit.

If you’re curious to find out more about Curio:

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