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New Apple iPad starts at $499 | iPad info roundup

For those who missed the liveblogging from the Apple announcement, here are some good summaries:

AppleInsider’s overview of iPad specs and info about AT&T’s no-contract iPad data plans, which run $15/mo. 250MB, $30 unlimited.

Apple iPad Just Tried To Assassinate Laptops:

It’s the ‘internet device’ vision of a decade ago all over again, except now Apple can offer what is arguably the best user experience for internet and media consumption combined with a very reasonable (for a brand new gadget) price.

BNN blog transcript: Steve Jobs presents the Apple tablet

Mashable: Apple Introduces iPad Tablet Device

Boy Genius Report: Apple iPad recap

Need more iPad goodness? The iPad video is now on the Apple site.

Am I getting one? Oh, yes. I’ve also started a new Twitter feed called iPadGirl. 🙂

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