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Guest Blather: Andrea Dale

Arg, I’m having major problems picking up my email today. Hope it
clears up soon.

Andrea Dale’s coming to visit today! I’ll try to
get her to be a Guest Blatherer, of course.

[ 3:34 PM ]

GUEST BLATHERER: Take it away, Andrea…

heh, heh heh, what can I stick
on here while deb is not looking . . . Did you hear about the
chocolate duck and . .

Anyway, I am sitting here in
Debbie’s lovely office above the busy streets of Toronto. This
morning, I drove up from Rochester, NY where I visited Mark,
Kathy and Biko. Debbie and I are having a wonderful time eating
(what did you expect?), listening to music, and planning the rest
of my day. I’ll be seeing Allison this evening for dinner (yes,
eating again ) after I give a Contra Dance lesson to Debbie.

From here I’ll be taking my filk road trip to Clif and Carol’s in
Ann Arbor for a housefilk on Friday night.

My warm and heartfelt thanks to Debbie and Jeff for their hospitality!!

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