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Welcome to my Inkygirl blog (scroll down to see individual posts), which was originally on a separate site at I’m in the process of moving it to my new site but all the posts have not yet been transferred, and I still need to fix a bunch of links. Thanks for your patience during this transition!

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Review of Paparazzo’s OLIVIA Content Creator Kit

I bought Paparazzo’s OLIVIA Content Creator Kit a while back and am so happy with it that I was compelled to create this short video; I made the purchase after someone (if you are this someone, please do remind me!) pointed me to an Instagram ad about Olivia. If you’re . . .

Common mistakes made by new picture book writers

(Updated from an older post. Also be sure to check out my FAQ for more useful advice!) So many people think that short = easy, especially when it comes to picture books. And while yes, it’s easy to crank out a picture book manuscript in terms of wordcount, writing a . . .