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Welcome to my Inkygirl blog (scroll down to see individual posts), which was originally on a separate site at I’m in the process of moving it to my new site but all the posts have not yet been transferred, and I still need to fix a bunch of links. Thanks for your patience during this transition!

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Mastodon: Is It A Good Alternative To Twitter?

(Last updated November 25, 2022) Like many others, I’ve been checking out Mastodon as a possible alternative to Twitter, if the latter implodes the way some say it might. Of all social media platforms, Twitter is my personal favourite. I get why some people say it’s negative but for me, . . .

NaNoWriMo comic: The Word Pusher

To those doing NaNoWriMo this year: good luck! I hope you find all the words. Here’s the first episode of NaNoMusical; I have a dancing cameo!

Home Office Mailing Tips For Freelance Creators In Canada

After decades of being a freelancer, first as a writer (mainly nonfiction) and now as a writer and illustrator, I’ve streamlined some of my business and creative routines. I’m going to start sharing some of these tips in my blog, in case it helps any other creatives out there. In . . .

Advice for young writers from NOTHING IS LITTLE author Carmella Van Vleet

Congrats to my writing critique partner and friend, Carmella Van Vleet, whose NOTHING IS LITTLE launched from Holiday House Books this week! This middle grade book has already received many accolades, including being a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection. NOTHING IS LITTLE is about 11-year-old Felix, who likes being . . .