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Welcome to my blog (scroll down to see individual posts), which was originally on a separate site at I also have a separate Inkygirl newsletter on Substack at

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Where to find the kidlit community on Bluesky (OLD)

Short URL to this post: see my UPDATED Bluesky post. (Last updated September 19, 2023) *** Please see my UPDATED POST ABOUT BLUESKY AND SOCIAL MEDIA, thanks! *** (Older version below, see link above for my NEW AND UPDATED post) As the Platform-Formerly-Known-As-Twitter gradually continues to de-stabilize, I’ve been . . .

I’m a Substack Reads recommendation!

As I mentioned in my keynote at SCBWI Florida last month, Substack is currently my happyplace online, more so than any other platform. Which is why I was SO EXCITED when I discovered that I was one of nine Substack newsletters in their Substack Reads recommendation list this week. Thanks . . .