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This space is reserved for Debbie’s Blatherings, which a personal blog she began back in April 1997. She be gradually moving over her posts from that blog but will be doing some editing since many of the links and images are broken because of multiple platform moves (including Greymatter, Moveable Type, Wordpress, Livejournal, and Squarespace). Thanks for your patience!

Rand’s birthday

Rand Bellavia’s birthday is today! Feel free to hassle him with birthday messages. 🙂 Had a UT practice last night and got to see Jodi’s new place!

First Blathering!

It’s our beloved sound engineer’s birthday today! Please do send David Goulden birthday greetings this week! Okay, I’m hooked on caramel dip. Does everyone know what I’m talking about? Caramel dip is the stuff that comes in round plastic containers and is very gooey and caramelly and supposedly used to . . .