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How Gurple And Preen Was Created Part 2

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From GURPLE AND PREEN author, Linda Sue Park:

– I knew right away that the story would be about robots, because my favorite image from Debbie’s Broken Crayon gallery is this one: 

– Gurple’s name was originally ‘Grayon.’ I liked that name, but I couldn’t think of a good name for the second robot. I went back to Debbie’s gallery for inspiration, and when I was looking at all the different colors of crayons, the names ‘Gurple’ and ‘Preen’ came to me in a flash!

I absolutely LOVE how Debbie drew the two robots to reinforce their names—Gurple being green with a little purple, and Preen being purple with a little green.

– I also knew that I wanted the story to be about re-using, recycling, repurposing. I think that will be a huge part of the work that young readers will eventually do to save the planet. And again, Debbie’s work was an inspiration: I love her ‘found object’ art—she’s always repurposing everyday objects in wonderful ways.

– The story went through many drafts! The version that was eventually published was draft #15. Simon & Schuster editor Justin Chanda asked many questions and made a lot of suggestions to help me make the story better—I really appreciate his help. I enjoy revising because I like the feeling of getting closer and closer to making the story as good as I possibly can.

– I have a desk in my bedroom, which is where I usually write. But I also write in the library; in coffee shops; in hotel rooms and airports when I’m traveling. Here are pictures of two of my favorite things on my bookshelves.

1) a set of Korean celadon vases, including two miniatures.

2) A Baby Yoda that I crocheted.

A few weeks after I finished crocheting, the coronavirus lockdown occurred. So I also made a mask to keep Baby Yoda and everyone nearby safe.