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SEA MONKEY & BOB Book Tour (Part 3, Decatur, GA): Little Shop Of Stories, Friends School Of Atlanta, The Heritage School

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Photo: With young readers at Friends School Of Atlanta.

Just found out that Publishers Weekly used the photo above in their children’s industry news round-up this week! Thanks to Helen Kubiw for the heads-up.

The second full day of my Sea Monkey & Bob book tour was the official launch day of Sea Monkey & BobI was delighted to celebrate by visiting Friends School Of Atlanta (Decatur, GA), The Heritage School (Newnan, GA) and Little Shop Of Stories (Decatur, GA).

My media escort for today was Elizabeth Lenhard; she had texted me the day before to confirm our meeting time/plans and was cheerfully accommodating when I asked if I could be picked up a bit earlier (to give me more time to get set up and settled). Our first stop was The Friends School Of Atlanta (Decature, GA). Check out the fun welcome sign:

There was a wall display of student letters welcoming me, like this one:

And check out the wonderful Sea Monkey & Bob-themed student art organized by FSoA art teacher, Fiona Thompson:

And I was so impressed by this student-created mural:


Great to meet Logan Ritchie and Fiona Thompson:

Had such a great time talking with the students at Friends School Of Atlanta. What a fantastic presentation venue, too!

After lunch, Elizabeth took me to Little Shop Of Stories in Decatur, GA; for more info, see their websiteFB pageInstagram or Twitter. And by the way, what a GREAT name for a bookstore!

 Love the fun window display:

Great to meet Hannah, Justin and Terra at Little Shop Of Stories! And check out this cool underwater-themed alcove near the restrooms:

And speaking of restrooms, this is the best bookstore bathroom ever:

What a gorgeous store. Here’s a view from the second floor, where I did my Storytime:

Storytime was so fun:

I was honored to be asked to contribute to their wall of art! I got to use my homemade Altoids tin travel watercolor set:

Next stop: The Heritage School in Newnan, GA. What a beautiful area! And I loved how the school library is front and center in this building. Happily we arrived with some time to spare so I had a chance to chat with librarian Rivka Genesen plus sign her library copy of Sea Monkey & Bob:

I also so enjoyed meeting 14-year-old Emily, who wants to be an editor. She has already researched schools and programs where she can learn more about the publishing industry! After having met this smart, fun and perceptive young woman, I predict that she is going to be an AWESOME EDITOR.

I loved talking with The Heritage School students! So enthusiastic and with so many interesting questions.

One of the topics I covered in my Sea Monkey & Bob presentation was the question about what made things float and sink. I have to admit I learned a lot myself while doing research for this talk! I also loved the challenge of explaining Archimede’s principle to the K-2 crowd.

I also enjoyed talking about puffer fish and Sea Monkeys in real-life:

Thanks so much to Elizabeth Lenhard, who was my media escort in GA. Not only was she super-organized, but she also took a TON of photos. Elizabeth is also a teen/children’s writer; you can find out more about Elizabeth and her work at her website and on Twitter. And if you’re looking for a good media escort in the Decatur, GA area, I strongly recommend her services!

Thank you again to Little Shop Of Stories for arranging my visits with Friends School Of Atlanta and The Heritage School!