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How Where Are My Books? Was Created Part 3

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Debbie needed to decide what the characters in Where Are My Books? would look like. She decided that the mother would be Asian and the father would be Caucasian:

 Here are some Debbie’s early sketches for Spencer:

Debbie’s art director, Laurent Linn, helped her finetune the art in Where Are My Books?

Here is Laurent in his office:

Laurent used to work for Sesame Street! Look:

Debbie did many versions of the illustrations. Some of the illustrations in Where Are My Books? were re-drawn or revised at least 40-50 times.

Here is an example of how one of the illustrations in the book went through several changes (and keep in mind that I am leaving out many versions!):

Some children’s book author/illustrators tape their sketches on the wall as they work, but I have no room on my walls so I hang them from string across my ceiling instead: