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Photos from my NYC trip (includes #NY15SCBWI pics)

Simon & Schuster meeting about my illustrations in SEA MONKEY AND BOB (author: Aaron Reynolds)

I had SUCH AN AMAZING TIME IN NEW YORK! Huge thanks to the SCBWI Winter Conference organizers, volunteers and faculty for a fantastic event.

Eventually, when I get more free time (hahahah), I hope to post some highlights. The next couple of weeks are going to be superbusy for me so for now, I’m sharing some of the photos I took with my iPhone during my trip. Please don’t ask me to send you individual photos; I lack the time right now — I’ve posted the highest res versions I have on Flickr.

Feel free to share or repost any of my photos. Photo credit would be much appreciated (or tagging me). Here are some of the photos from my adventures in NYC, including after the SCBWI conference:

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Part 1: SCBWI-NYC –  Part 2: SCBWI-NYC (cont’d) – Part 3: Curtis Brown – Part 4: Random House Children’s – Part 5: Simon & Schuster Children’s 

On Flickr:
Part 1: SCBWI-NYC – Part 2: SCBWI-NYC (cont’d) – Part 3: Curtis Brown – Part 4: Random House Children’s 
– Part 5: Simon & Schuster Children’s 

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