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How I’m Bored Was Created Part 2

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After Debbie got home, she worked very hard on some new sketches. First, she worked some more on the little girl’s outfit:

Next, she kept looking for the perfect potato to use as a model in the book:

Okay, just kidding. Debbie didn’t REALLY interview any potatoes. But she did look at a lot of potatoes in the supermarket!

Then Debbie went through another round of sketches for I’M BORED. And another another. 

If you’re thinking about becoming illustrating for a living someday, you need to get used to drawing things over and over and over and over again. The more you draw, the better you’ll get!

Debbie and Laurent (her art director) started working on the cover. Here is a page from notes that Debbie took during a phone meeting they had:

Laurent asked Debbie to send him pictures of the little girl looking bored. Here are a few of the little girls that Debbie sent to him:

Laurent liked the idea of a girl leaning on the title, so Debbie came up with a bunch of leaning girls:

Debbie also tried out different poses of the girl with the basic front page layout that Laurent had sent her:

After more discussion back and forth, TA-DA!!!! Here’s the final cover we came up with:

Instead of putting the names of the author and illustrator on the front cover, we decided to put the names on the back cover instead: