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Mimi Does NaNoWriMo

Apologies for the hiatus. My feeble excuse: I was working on I’M BORED and also learning how to use Photoshop. I finally got around to switching my Will Write For Chocolate template from Corel Painter to Photoshop, which will make it easier for me to update the strip. Thanks to . . .


I’m actually participating in FOUR creative challenges this month (which prompted my friend Andrew’s comment, which inspired this comic), but there wasn’t room.

National Interrobang Appreciation Day

Many thanks to @GrammarGirl on Twitter for inspiring this strip. 🙂 For those who want to know, here’s the Wikipedia definition of an interrobang.

Writing Music

Thanks to Mel, Ana, HWPetty, Jenna W, Linda, LisaQuing and Benjamin Solah for inspiring this strip by responding to my Writing Music Survey yesterday in Inkygirl.


Speaking of Lisa Yee (one of the people who inspired this strip), I’m in the midst of enjoying her newest book for young people, Absolutely Maybe.