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Comic: Old School Writing

Starting to revamp some of my old Will Write For Chocolate comics so I’m not so embarrassed about sharing them anymore. Also was thinking of this particular strip because I do still find that writing by hand can be a great way to free up part of my writer brain, . . .

Comic: When Your Characters Take Over

Does this happen to anyone else? I hit the 54k wordcount today in my middle grade novel. My original goal was around 50k but my characters won’t let me end the story yet. ? I figure I can let them take over for now since it’s just a first draft; . . .

Happy New Year! Chance for a fresh start….

Happy New Year, all! Not making any New Year’s Resolutions. Things went VERY wonky last year, but I’m heading into this fresh, shiny new year with cautious optimism. How about you?

For those who are doing NaNoWriMo this year (and for those who aren’t)

If you are doing NaNoWriMo this year, good luck! Though chances are good you don’t have the time to read this blog post.  If you attempted NaNoWriMo and gave up partway through, or avoided doing it at all because you knew you wouldn’t have the time, don’t abandon all hope! . . .