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Beware The Squirrel

Squirrels are taking over the world! Don’t believe me? Read why I began this blog, browse my squirrel photos/pics and follow this blog as well as my Squirrels Are Evil And Taking Over The World Facebook page. To see past entries, browse the Beware The Squirrel Archives.

And my picture book featuring Evil Squirrels (ok, maybe more bibliophilic than Evil) is now available!

Squirrel Coffee Cup

Check out the Archive McPhee Squirrel Coffee Cup that my friend Cathy brought me Edmonton.  Yikes! I checked out the Archie McPhee website out of curiosity. Whoa, some scary stuff there! Like these Squirrel Underpants:

Scheming Squirrels and Ancient Plants: Coincidence or Part Of The Master Plan?

Scientists in Russia have grown plants from fruit stored away in permafrost by squirrels over 30,000 years ago, according to the BBC. My friend Dave Weingart sent the link with the comment, “Maybe not all squirrels are evil.” My answer: HA! I’m sure those squirrels from ancient times were storing away . . .

Squirrel Needlework by June King

I am so terrible at needlework so am not sure if this is called needlepoint or cross-stitch, but it’s by my friend June King: Gorgeous piece, even if it IS of a squirrel! 🙂 From June, who says that this guy is stealing her walnuts: “I love stitching things with . . .

A Purple Squirrel??

Thanks to France Andrews Zeve for directing me to this bizarre story of purple squirrels. Though I still can’t help but think this photo was Photoshopped. Too strange!