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Where to find me online these days

(Last updated April 7, 2023)

I’ve been online since the early days of the Internet, before the term “social media” existed. I have also signed up for many online services, joined many online communities. Because of this, it can be confusing if you’re trying to look for me online.

I’ll try to keep this page updated, but currently you can find me most active on Twitter.

I post most often and monitor notifications most often on @inkyelbows, where my focus is on reading, writing and illustrating. If you @ mention me on Twitter in context of saying something nice about me or my books, I always try to respond, even if it’s just with a “Like” acknowledgement. If I don’t, it means I missed seeing your post; sadly, this has been happening more often lately because people keep tagging me in big group posts, which means I get notifications every time someone in the group replies or responds. The most reliable way to reach me is my Contact Form.

Debbie's two Twitter accounts: @inkyelbows for kidlit and @BGGgirl for gaming and VR.

I also post on Instagram (though not as often). I have two Instagram accounts. My more established Instagram account is @inkygirl, where I post my art and comics.

My newer Instagram account is @inkyelbows, which is my Bookstagram. I use it to post about books I’m reading, usually picture books and middle grade, as well as highlight fellow Bookstagrammers.

On Facebook, I post less frequently but when I do, it’s usually kidlit-related updates on my Author/Illustrator Page at

I very rarely add new “Friends” to my Personal page on FB unless we have a personal non-kidlit connection, or you are someone I see fairly regularly. Reason: some years back, I discovered I was nearing my Friend limit. I scrolled through my list of “Friends” and realized that I didn’t really know most of them outside of social media or meeting them once at an event.

You’ll also find me on other social media like TikTok, Pinterest, Tumblr and elsewhere, but none of these have really appealed to me the same way as Twitter. If that changes, though, I’ll update this page. 🙂

Thanks for reading this far!

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