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Interview with 13-year-old Abigail The Story Teller

Thanks to 13-year-old Abigail The STORY Teller, who was my 45,000th follower on Twitter! When I asked Abigail which of my books she would like me to send to her as a thank you gift, I was honoured when she chose my own solo picture books Sam & Eva and Where Are My Books? I also sent her some original Flamingo and Potato art as well as one of my handmade “I Want To Read All The Books?” pendants.

As I chatted with Abigail and her mother, I was more and more inspired by the positive enthusiasm and energy of this young reader.

Check out the bio on Abigail The STORY Teller’s Facebook Page:

“Abigail The STORY Teller is an American story teller and poet who reads for for kids and adults who can’t. With generations of family members who struggled with reading challenges, Abigail has posted daily picture book readings, written to U.S. Presidents about literacy, and visited classrooms and nursing homes to inspire readers for over five years. Featured in N’Deavor Youth Magazine and Interviewed by Successful Black Parenting Magazine Abigail is a proud reading ambassador who shares her love of books with kids and families everywhere.”

You can find Abigail on Twitter at @Mary67Little and @MaryLit79511015, Facebook and YouTube.

Q. How did you become a storyteller?

A. Well, I’ve always loved reading for kids and adults who couldn’t and I’ve always loved books. I fell in love with books, like reading was what I was supposed to be doing ❤️. This was about seven years ago and that’s how I became a story teller.

Q. Did your mom read to you when you were little? If so, what were your favourite books back then?

Some of the books she would read were Dr. Seuss but she would read all kinds of books. And we had books in almost every room. I loved reading too! My siblings they’re older but struggled with reading challenges. I have cousins that can’t read so when they would visit I would read them stories ❤️.

Q. That’s amazing, Abigail! What do your teachers think of what you’re doing?

A. Thank you so much ?. I’m not sure what my teachers think. I try to keep my story telling separate from school. Although some of them are aware of it because I’ve been on the news for receiving a letter from the President. I actually wrote about literacy.

Q. What kind of books do you like to read for yourself? What have you been reading lately?

A. I like many books but some of my favorite ? are Big Nate, Dork Diaries and anything by Ms. Jacqueline Woodson. Just to name a few ❤️. Lately I have read Gone Crazy ? In Alabama by Ms. Rita Williams-Garcia, and I, Dred Scott by Shelia P. Moses.

Q. What is your favorite food? What do you do for fun?

My favorite food is pizza ?. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza? ?

I like to ride my bike, write stories, draw and hang out with family.

Q. Are you working on any of your own stories? If so, do you want to be a published author someday?

Yes, I try to write my own stories! I’m working on two at the moment. And yes, I will be a published author someday. ❤️

Q. What advice do you have for anyone who also wants to become a storyteller?

Stories are more than just reading. Stories are powerful and they can change the way we look at things. Stories can make you laugh and cry. Storytelling is a valuable art, so develop your own style and techniques. But most of all you’ve got to love books and know your stories well enough so that you’ll always have fun.

Here’s a SONG about Abigail The Storyteller, by Annie Lynn:

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