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My favourite sharpeners for pencils and crayons (also a plus for CW Pencil Enterprise)

If you’re an office supplies fan and find yourself in Manhattan, you need to go visit CW Pencils at 15 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002. Note that the shop has a new location!

Here are links to some of the sharpeners I’ve been using.

Mobius & Ruppert Brass Round Double-Hole Sharpener – US $8.00 at CW Pencil Enterprise.

KUM Wood Cutter Pencil Sharpener – US $3.00 at CW Pencil Enterprise. This is the one I take with me on the road since it’s super-portable and (in case I lose it) inexpensive compared to my other sharpeners. Shavings need to be collected, though.

KUM Automatic Long Point – US $7.75 at CW Pencil Enterprise. This is my current favourite sharpener for pencils when I’m looking for a long, super-sharp tip.

4-in-1 KUM Metallic Sharpener – US $5.00 at CW Pencil Enterprise.

Sargent Art 36-1022 – CDN $2.29 on This is my favourite for sharpening crayons because so far, it’s the only crayon sharpener I’ve found that contains crayon shavings. A bit big for travel but is inexpensive enough that I could possibly order it ahead of time, to be delivered to a school etc. if I was going to do a craft activity with students.

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