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How Sam & Eva Was Created Part 3

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(Last updated May 31, 2018)

One of Debbie’s favorite parts of book creation process is working with Laurent Linn on the cover. Here are some rough sketches of cover ideas:

After Debbie’s art was approved, she waited.

While she waiting, of course, she worked on other things. But soon she received the F&Gs (short for “folded and gathered”) for SAM & EVA!

And check out the cool back cover:

Didn’t Laurent Linn do a fantastic cover design?

Here are the front endpapers:

and the back:

And then…THEN (!!!!!) a sample of the final book arrived, along with a nice note from Debbie’s editor:

Debbie had such a fun book launch at A Different Booklist in Toronto. Thank you to this awesome bookstore as well as Simon & Schuster Canada for their help!

Now SAM & EVA is out in the wild, and Debbie is always thrilled whenever she hears about her book being read to or by young readers: