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You can find stories EVERYWHERE. Yes, even in a coffee stain!

As some of you may have seen in my Instagram story yesterday, I was creating some more coffee stains for doodling. Jeff (my husband) was about to reject some coffee grounds since he had accidentally set our coffee grinder for the wrong setting; I asked if I could have them. And I used them to create some super-strong coffee in a French press, then dropped the coffee onto some mixed media art paper with a spoon:

They only dried completely as of this morning, so  I chose one to doodle with:

I was just going to use a fountain pen or Pentel Pocket Brush for the doodle, but then a whole scene popped into my head, and I realized I needed more control over the line and color for this particular doodle. So I imported the stain into Photoshop, cleaned up a couple of the faint random spatters, then added the art digitally.

You can see the final result at the top. 

Potential stories are EVERYWHERE; you just have to look. Speaking of which, my 3rd Annual Summer “Look Again” Challenge For Young Artists & Writers starts on July 1st! You can find out more about found object art and the challenge at