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Gratitude: Patricia J. Murphy

A Gratitude Post – Some facts about Patricia J. Murphy:

1. When I was a nervous newbie at an early SCBWI conference where I didn’t know many people, Patricia took me under wing and introduced me to people, invited me to sit with her and others (including other nervous newbies) at the Golden Kite Awards banquet.

2. When I was on a book tour for my first solo book and was SO excited about doing a signing at a Chicago-area bookstore I’ve long admired, Patricia invited me out for dinner beforehand. She bought a copy of my book at the store beforehand and asked me to sign it. She then went with me to the bookstore event….WHERE NO ONE SHOWED UP. I was so embarrassed. She hung out with me and the bookstore owner as I signed stock, keeping my spirits up with fun chatter and also taking a photo of me signing books, which I later cropped to hide the fact that NO ONE HAD SHOWN UP. 🙂

3. I’ve noticed that Patricia continues to be just as friendly and welcoming to nervous newbies over the years. She doesn’t make a big thing of it.

Patricia inspires me, and I feel lucky to have her as a friend.

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