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I may not look it, but I have Southern in my soul: SEA MONKEY & BOB Book Tour Thoughts (and a POEM)

I’m back from my Sea Monkey & Bob book tour through the Southern states! My head and heart are so full.

Thank you SO MUCH to Simon & Schuster Children’s, Quail Ridge Books (NC), Little Shop Of Stories (GA), Books & Books (FL), Parnassus Books (TN) and Lemuria Books (MS), Fred A. (Raleigh, NC), Partnership Elementary (Raleigh, NC), Friends School Of Atlanta (Decatur, GA), The Heritage School (Newman, GA), Silver Ridge Elementary (Davie, FL), Sunny Isles Beach K-8 (Sunny Isles Beach, FL), Battle Ground Academy (Franklin, TN), Julia Green Elementary (Nashville, TN), Rouse Elementary (Brandon, MS) and Madison Avenue Elementary (Madison, MS) for making my trip so amazing.

You can see photos and read about some of my highlights below:

Part 1: Sea Monkey & Bob Book Tour prep, packing tips for writers & illustrators going on book tours. Read the post.

Part 2 (Raleigh, NC): Quail Ridge Books, Olds Elementary, Partnership Elementary plus thoughts on book tour organization and media escorts. Read the post.

Part 3 (Decatur, GA): Little Shop Of Stories, Friends School Of Atlanta, The Heritage School plus amazing student art and meeting a future children’s book editor. Read the post.

Part 4 (Miami, FL): Books & Books Miami, Silver Ridge Elementary, Sunny Isles Beach K-8 Plus One More Reason I Love Aaron Reynolds. Read the post.

Part 5: (Nashville, TN): Parnassus Books, Battle Ground Academy, Julia Green Elementary, student art and celebrity sightings. Read the post.

Part 6: (Jackson, MS): Lemuria Books, Rouse Elementary, Madison Avenue Elementary plus Southern comfort food and a poem. Read the post.

Part 7 (Final Summary): Final thoughts, most interesting question I was asked by a young reader, answers to frequently asked questions about my book tour, diversity in children’s books, what I’m glad I took and what I wouldn’t take next time. Read the post.

One of my media escorts, Pam McCollough, sent me a poem after we parted ways. It’s sweet and funny, just like Pam (who made me laugh a LOT when I was in Mississippi that last day), and she’s given me permission to post it:


by Pam McCullough

A writer/illustrator came down from the North
On a book tour she set forth.

At the schools, she was met with art and a smile
Because in the South, that’s always the style.

And the food, oh the food, she found in the South
Fried chicken, okra, turnip greens just melt in your mouth!

Then came that double chocolate fudge Coca-Cola cake
Her taste buds danced when the first bite she did take!

Her new friend, Pam, was funny and smart
No doubt now Debbie is Southern at heart!

(Written with love for my new friend, Debbie Ohi. Please come back and visit again! – Pam McCollough)

From Debbie: I do want to come back and visit again someday!