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#BookADay: BEWARE THAT GIRL by Teresa Toten (Doubleday Canada)

Just came back from the cottage. If you are looking for a GREAT summer read (and esp if you enjoyed GONE GIRL or WE WERE LIARS), I *strongly* encourage you to get a copy of psychological thriller BEWARE THAT GIRL by Teresa Toten (Doubleday Canada). Don’t start reading it at night, because you will be up waaaaayy too late. Love the dark edge and unpredictability (you THINK you know the implication of the title…), the mystery within mystery, the satisfying conclusion. For teen and above.

The “Staff Pick” sticker is from Mabel’s Fables, where I bought the book.

Didn’t want to post the synopsis here in case others prefer diving in blind (like me), but if you want to know a bit more plus read the rave review quotes, see the Beware That Girl page on Teresa Toten’s site.

Photo: Ruth Ohi.


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