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Poll Results: 60% of you skip ahead to read the ending of a book

Thanks to all who responded to my most recent poll, which asked “While you’re reading a book, have you EVER skipped ahead to read the ending?

Out of 126 respondents, 60% (or rather 59.52, rounded up) of you replied YES, with the remaining 40% saying NO.

Why did you skip ahead?

67% of you said it was because you were enjoying the book but found it so tense that you felt compelled to read the ending before going back and reading the rest. 47% said it was because they weren’t sure if they liked how the book was going, so wanted to find out if it was worth reading to the end. The remaining 35% of you said it was because you weren’t really enjoying the book but had to read it (for whatever reason), so needed to know how it ended.

Most of the comments elaborated on the reasons above. A surprising number of you said that you read the ending first on a regular basis, that you don’t mind spoilers, that knowing where a book is heading actually enhances your reading enjoyment. Sometimes you want to know if a favorite character in a book or series is going to be killed off.

Some of you said it was because you were reading late at night and had to go to sleep but still wanted to finish the book.

Some of you were horrified at the idea of skipping ahead to read the ending, couldn’t imagine how ANYONE would ever want to do this. 

Two of my favorite comments about why some of you skip ahead to the ending:

“Because I needed to prepare myself if Harry, Ron, or Hermione died!”

“I am, at my basest levels, an impatient cheat.”

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