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It’s Squirrel UN-Appreciation Day!

In the photo above, I am holding just two of many, many squirrel-focused items given to me by friends who enjoying torturing me about my anti-squirrel obsession.The big squirrel is a giant FRIDGE MAGNET that came with a full wardrobe (blame goes to Gretchen and Bill Roper) and I’m holding a squirrelly nutcracker from Mary and Wesley Crowell.

I’ll bet the founder of Squirrel Appreciation Day never lost HIS (or her) Internet cut  or had plants randomly ripped up, offices infiltrated or electricity cut off by squirrels. Instead, we need to have a Squirrel UN-Appreciation Day. Or at least interpret the word “Appreciation” as more like “Being Made Aware of The Sciuridific Menace.”

You can see a few of my squirrel comics, doodles, gifts and photos from the past in my Flickr stream.

And then there was the Squirrel Invasion of 2009, when I woke up to find GIANT SQUIRRELS staring into our first floor windows (!!!).

Our friend Walter was the culprit behind this April Fool’s Joke — he put the squirrel posters up in the middle of the night while we were sleeping! He had pre-measured the windows while house-sitting for us earlier in the year.

To find out more about how my anti-squirrel obsession began 35 years ago (plus read my favourite biography ever), please see my About Page.

Also, be warned that Evil Squirrels do make an appearance in my first solo book, WHERE ARE MY BOOKS? Well, perhaps they’re more bilbliokleptophilic than Evil. Anyway, feel free to read the starred review on Kirkus!

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