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Judy Blume, Simon & Schuster Children’s, and MY BIG NEWS (Part 1)

 February 16, 2014 edit: Also see Part 2 of my Judy Blume news!!!!

You can see the official cover reveal today in:

but S&S gave me permission to post the other middle grade covers here as well.




Huge thanks to Justin Chanda for inviting me to audition for this project. When he called me a few weeks ago to tell me I got the job, I screamed. A LOT. I’m sure I broke his eardrums.

Then I called Jeff at work and screamed at him as well.

It’s been huge fun working with Lauren Rille, the art director on this project responsible for the fantastic cover design, and working with Justin Chandaand Namrata Tripathi on ideas as well. I’ll be posting more details and thanks in a future blog post.

But for now…


Just WOW.

(Note about the above: I only illustrated the cover for ARE YOU THERE GOD? IT’S ME, MARGARET; there are no interior illustrations – I suspect this listing may change, so had to take a screenshot before it did. But still, I really do wish I could send the above listing to my younger self.) 

 February 16, 2014 edit: Also see Part 2 of my Judy Blume news!!!!

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