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Sat.Dec.7th, 2013 is Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day

Click image above for print-ready PDF; feel free to use to help spread the word. Prints fine in b&w, too.

Founded by suspense writer Jenny MilchmanTake Your Child To A Bookstore Day is about “instilling a love of bookstores in children so that they will value and support this most precious of resources as they go on to enter and create communities of their own.”

Already a number of bookstores from the U.S., Canada, England, Australia and Germany have joined the project; you can see the map on the TYCTAB website.

Visit the Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day site for pins, banners and posters.

You can find banners and posters on their website, and you’re free to download/print a poster I’ve created to help promote Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day.

Where to find out more info:

Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day website

Kudos to the TYCTABD Board Of Directors for running the event: Jenny Milchman, Beth Miller, Todd G. Monahan, and Paul Maguire.

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