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Review: GroovBoard – Lap writing desk and stand for the iPad

I had never heard of the Groovboard until Thomas Borowski approached me via Twitter about reviewing his company’s product. I generally don’t do product reviews anymore but when I checked out the GroovBoard website, I was so intrigued that I asked Thomas a few questions and then said I’d be happy to check one out.

The GroovBoard functions as an lap desk and an iPad stand, with grooves for inserting your iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard (in flat mode, I found I didn’t really need the keyboard groove; see above photo) as well as built-in holders for a stylus. 

One of my first questions to Thomas: “How heavy is it?” The answer: Depending on the type of wood, a Groovboard can weigh between 1.7 to 2.6 lbs (800-1200 grams). I asked for the lightest type, so Thomas sent me the American walnut model:

My GroovBoard arrived from Germany in good condition, and I immediately tried it out to see what the weight was like:

(Above: I’m wearing the cool Autodesk Sketchbook t-shirt I got at Febtor)

Good news: I don’t notice the weight at all. It’s sturdy enough that I don’t feel as if my iPad is going to tip it over, but it’s not so heavy that the weight is uncomfortable.  It’s a bit too bulky for me to want to travel with it, but it’s perfect for couch writing. According to the website, there is also a GroovBoard cushion available.

The GroovBoard also separates into two pieces in case you want to use it as an iPad stand/prop for watching movies or typing with or without the keyboard:

If you want to use it this way with a keyboard, just hang the keyboard from the upper groove:

That photo is from the GroovBoard site, by the way — I don’t wear nail polish. 🙂


I’ve been using the GroovBoard for several weeks now, and I love it. So does my husband — he plans to order one for himself. I keep my GroovBoard in the living room beside the couch. Some might also use it to do writing or watching movies in bed.

The model I reviewed (GroovBoard Walnut) costs $129 fro non-EU customers, plus shipping.

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