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A new NaNoMusical trailer (and I’m in it, woohoo!)

A while back I mentioned that I had volunteered as an extra in NaNoMusical, a 6-part Web series about writer friends participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). In the spirit of Nanowrimo, it was written in a month, shot in a month and edited in a month with no budget.

Yay, another NaNoMusical trailer! And yay, I’m in it:

I volunteered as an extra & you can see me in this trailer, looking all serious and concerned as ‘Manda Whitney (one of the NaNoMusical co-authors) freaks out. 😀 Errol Elumir (the other co-author) is singing…and he also has a new Debs and Errol comic about NaNoMusical.

You can find out more info on the NaNoMusical Facebook Page and NaNoMusical Twitter feed.

Script written by Errol Elumir and Manda Whitney

Music by Errol Elumir and Deborah Linden

Directed by Kelsey Goldberg


Luke LaRocque as Dale

Blythe Haynes as Jill

Errol Elumir as Rick

Manda Whitney as Val

And Errol is also starting to post some prologue NaNoToons as November approaches. I’ll be jumping in to help with NaNoToons starting November 1st.

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