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Survey Results: Print vs Digital Purchase?

For a list of all survey results as well as current surveys still in progress, see my Inkygirl Survey Archives.

Thanks to all those who responded to my most recent survey, which asked:

Q. When making a book purchase, do you prefer ebook or print format?

Of 129 responses, 60% said they preferred print. 25% preferred ebook/digital.

Of the remaining responses (“Other”), here are some of the comments:

Ebook to get it fast for YA, but print book for picture books, & when I really love a book I want both. – @CherylRainfield

I do both. It varies with price and format. Some picture books don’t look so great on the Kindle. They look better on the iPad. – @StacySJensen

Print if I plan to share with my students. (so MG books) E if I’d like to be able to read it anywhere (love having selection on my device) E if it is MY copy of a book I’m using with a reading group (love the notes features on my device and I don’t lose my notes that way) Print if I already own part of the series or it’s a series I think I will loan to family or friends (it’s complicated!) – @Mselke01

I prefer print for fiction or anything pictorial, but I like ebooks for quick access to information

It depends. For a quick read, ebook. For things I want to save and reread or refer to often, print. – @bexdk

It depends on the book. For most, I prefer ebook. But there are some I want a print copy for my bookshelves. Usually, they are by favorite authors or friends.

I like print for children’s books, ebook for adult (pleasure) print for how to book’s…

Depends on the book and the price..and where I’ll be reading. For travel, I prefer e-books. For home or camping, I prefer print. – Julie Chilton

Ebook for fiction, print for non-fiction. – @crazywritinfool

Both. I can’t really separate the two because I usually end up buying the book in print even if I have it on my Kindle/iPad. I can’t give up my books. I also will buy books for Kindle that I already own in print simply because it is easier to take on a trip or read in bed (for example: “War & Peace”). – @InkyTwig

Both! I love having both formats for different situations. – @wickedagrarian

Depends on the book. If it’s something I want straight away, ebook, if it’s more of a collectable – print.

E-book for texts I’ll read linearly (novels, short stories). Print for reference materials, anything with graphics, anything I expect to consult arbitrary sections of. Also print for books with more “staying power”, ones I’ll want to have for years and years, ’cause who knows what’ll happen to digital content over time?

Depends on the format & purpose: print = illustrated books e = reference books a = audiobooks, which is the only format I consume for fun. Ebooks, unless there are many illustrations or photos. In that case, I prefer print.

It depends. If I need something right now, I’ll order a Kindle version, but for a nice slow read, I’ll order print. If I want something to take on the plane, I order a Kindle; if I want to read it while taking a bath, I’ll order print. For study and writing in the margins I’ll order print because I don’t care for the annotation function in electronic devices. Even the markup function in Word is annoying even though it’s industry standard. – @suelange

I only buy drm-free ebooks and so my selection is limited, but I’m quickly coming to prefer digital over print. – @limako

Depends on the book. Picture Book, Easy Reader – Print (love to look at the color illustrations and for studying page turns) MG, YA Fiction – Ebook (convenience of being able to take it anywhere easily) – @darshanakhiani

Digital for novels, print for picture books.

Whichever is cheapest, naturally! (which at the moment is nearly ALWAYS print) – @readitdaddy

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