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Graphic Review: The Yo-Yo Prophet by Karen Krossing (Orca Books)


Author: Karen Krossing

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

For ages 12+

After reading THE YO-YO PROPHET by Karen Krossing (Orca Books), I was inspired to do my Daily Doodle with a book theme (see above).

I also got curious about yo-yos and looked up yo-yo competitions online. Wow, really impressive performances out there. Check out this mesmerizing performance at a German Yo-Yo Masters competition:

So many reasons to love THE YO-YO PROPHET: the way the main characters change throughout the book (especially the main character, Calvin, who so desperately wants to be noticed and feel special), the tension and excitement of Calvin’s yo-yo performances and competitions, how Calvin reacts to and eventually finds a way to cope with bullying, how he deals with his missing father and the declining health of his grandmother. Uplifting and hopeful ending without being clichéd.

I was also intrigued by the description of the yo-yo feats! This book might even lure young people away from their computer games to give a non-digital hobby a try.

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