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Just signed up for the Story A Day May Challenge!

I know, I know — writing an entire story every day sounds crazy. But according to the rules of the challenge, it doesn’t have to be a super-long story. I’m going to use this challenge as motivation to come up with SOME story plot every day: each with a beginning, middle and end. Some of these might be turned into picture books, middle grade novels or YA novels.

May is the first month in a while where I won’t be doing any traveling, so I actually have a chance of completing this challenge. You can do the challenge on your own, of course, but there’s also the opportunity of commiserating with others via the online community. I’ve joined the Kid Lit group, for example.

Story A Day is the brainchild of freelance writer Julie Duffy. “Sick of starting and never finishing writing projects, in April 2010 I announced that I was challenging myself to write a story a day in May.” She opened the challenge to others and was surprised at the response. “The enthusiasm for the project amazed me. It spoke of a hunger to write, no, a hunger for permission to writethat I never dreamed was so widespread.”

After May, I’ll take the best plots and put them in my Rainy Day Story Folder to inspire me when I’m looking for new book ideas.

For more info about the challenge, visit and follow the #storyaday hashtag on Twitter.

So who’s with me?

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