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Working on the cover for I’M BORED

My art director (Laurent Linn at Simon & Schuster) called yesterday to say he had a cover mockup, saying that he had just emailed it to me, was interested in hearing what I thought. I opened the email attachment while he was still  on the phone. Then I started yelling (yes, yelling), I was so excited.

At the beginning of this whole process, I briefly entertained the idea of trying to play it cool, maintaining a composed and professional demeanor. Well, I gave THAT up pretty early on…it’s just not me. Plus, who knows when I’ll get my next book? Hopefully soon, of course, but you never know. So I may as well embrace every moment.

Fortunately Laurent has been more amused than horrified. Plus he’s pretty excited about the project as well, though he doesn’t yell like I do.

Anyway, I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK TO BE ON THE SHELVES! Publication date is still scheduled for late 2012.


Author: Michael Ian Black, Illustrator: Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Publication slated for Fall 2012

Tags: Inkygirl