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(Last updated June 28, 2022)

Please note that all giveaways I do through Twitter RTs are organized and managed solely by me.

In addition to any other restrictions I post in my tweet offer:

Unless stated otherwise in my tweet, winner must reside in Canada or the U.S. Reason: I fund these giveaways from my own pocket. Sometimes sending a book will cost me more in postage/handling/materials than the book itself!

Winner must be following me on Twitter (@inkyelbows). This is not just an ego-driven requirement; it makes it easier for me to privately contact the winner. The Pickaw app automatically filters out potential winners who are not following my @inkyelbows account.

Winner must not be someone who spends most of their time participating in contests. Reason: I would rather the prize go to someone who is genuinely interested in me and my work. I have enabled Pickaw’s anti-contestant filter.

Winner must be an actual human being, not a bot (account that automates contest entries through programs that automatically interact with it). I have enabled Pickaw’s anti-bots filter.

For giveaways involving my original art, if you end up winning: You are welcome to post photos of the art you own on social media or a blog post (if you are including the mailing envelope, please make sure my home address is NOT showing – thanks!). Please also note that copyright for the art remains with me. Please do not use my art as a permanent part of your website or blog or business identity, for your user profile icon, or any commercial purpose. Feel free to inquire if you’d like to do this, and I will likely decline or may forward your request to my agent to discuss a licensing fee.

For those who accidentally stumbled across this page and don’t know what’s going on:

From time to time, I do giveaways on my Twitter @inkyelbows account by asking people to retweet a particular post, and then choosing one of the retweets. Be aware that most services only draw a winner from most recent 100 RTs. This is fine if you have 100 or less RTs, but I opted for Pickaw after MUCH searching for a legit/fair way to choose RT winners on Twitter; that way you know I am not just picking my friends or VIPs. I did try The Competition Agency’s Tweetdraw, which works and is free, but you can only pick ONE winner for each tweet, which no guideline filtering.

I am currently paying for Pickaw’s Starter plan. No, I am not getting any kind of referral bonus by talking about Pickaw, but am hoping to spread awareness about giveaways on Twitter than rely on retweets. Until I started investigating, I had no idea that the various free services were only picking from the first 100 retweets. There are some workarounds, but I wanted an easier way to pick winners plus wanted to be transparent about how I was picking them.

If you know of another reliable service that enables people to do a fair, verifiable Twitter RT pick, please let me know!


Debbie is currently available for virtual visits. Her presentations and workshops can be adjusted to suit all age levels, from kindergarten to college students to educators and other professionals.