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SAM & EVA Creative Collab Challenge

(Last updated May 18, 2022)

EDITED: Thanks to all schools who contacted me, wow! I have shut down my submission form until I’ve had a chance to catch up. I’m sending out art to each school and will respond to our creative collab results (according to guidelines below) with a personalized video. I’ll update this page with links to creative collab posts from participating schools. Can’t wait to see what students come up with!

Welcome to Debbie’s SAM & EVA Creative Collaboration page!

SAM & EVA is Debbie’s solo picture book with Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers, and is about creative collaboration and friendship. You can find out more about the book and how it was created PLUS free print-ready activity sheets at the Sam & Eva Bonus Page.

Debbie loves creative collaboration! You can see some of posts by Debbie and others for past Sam & Eva collab challenges by browsing the #SamEvaCollab hashtag on Twitter.

Before filling out the form near the bottom of this page, PLEASE make sure you read the guidelines below. Because she is funding this from her own pocket and also needs to protect time for her other work, for example, she asks that only ONE form be filled out per school – thank you!

For the 2021-2022 year, Debbie invites schools around the world to do a creative collaboration with her.


1. Debbie will send you a signed piece of art by snailmail. The drawing will be simple (and such that it can be easily turned into part of a creature or scene, e.g. eyes or mouth or head or limbs, etc.) drawn on cardboard or scrap art paper from her studio.

2. You and your students will use Debbie’s art for a creative collaboration. Some ideas: integrate Debbie’s piece into a bigger display of student art for your school wall (physical or digital), involve more students by having them add their own imaginary creatures, have students copy Debbie’s piece and then add their own art. For schools who have students learning from home, you could take a photo of Debbie’s original piece and email it to them, have them add to the art digitally or print it out and then add their own art. Debbie is open to any family-friendly collaboration!

3. Publicly post the photo(s) or screenshot(s) on social media with the #SamEvaCollab hashtag within 1-2 months of receiving your collab package. In return, Debbie will send the school a short, personalized video thanking the participating students/classes, and encouraging their creative efforts. ONE video per school. Once she sees your post, Debbie will create and deliver the video within 2 weeks (sooner if possible, but it will depend heavily on her work and travel schedule at the time). Please also let her know via her Contact Form, just in case she misses the social media notification.

Schools can be in any country are welcome. Homeschooling groups with a minimum 10 students are also welcome. To save on mailing costs and also make it possible for Debbie to do AND still get her work done, she asks that interested schools fill out ONE form.

To apply, please fill out this form.

Edited: Because of the enthusiastic response (wow, thanks!), Debbie will only be accepting responses via the above form until Wed. Nov. 10th, 2021. At that point, she will shut down the form until she is able to fulfill all the requests first. Feel free to request to be put on the waiting list if you apply after the cutoff; please use Debbie’s Contact Form.

For those who filled out the form and received confirmation, here is a copy of the Sam & Eva Creative Collaboration Guidelines.