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Advice for young writers from NOTHING IS LITTLE author Carmella Van Vleet

Congrats to my writing critique partner and friend, Carmella Van Vleet, whose NOTHING IS LITTLE launched from Holiday House Books this week! This middle grade book has already received many accolades, including being a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection.

NOTHING IS LITTLE is about 11-year-old Felix, who likes being the smallest kid in school.

Synopsis: “At least he knows where he fits in. Plus his nickname, “Short-lock Holmes,” is perfect for someone who’s killing it in forensic science club. To Felix, Growth Hormone Deficiency is no big deal. And then Felix learns that his biological dad was short, too. This one, tiny, itty-bitty piece of information opens up a massive hole in his life. Felix must find his father. He only has a few small clues to work from, but as Sherlock Holmes said, “To a great mind, nothing is little.” The further Felix gets in his investigation, though, the more he starts to wonder: What if his dad doesn’t want to be found? And what if Felix’s family—his mom, his stepdad, the baby on the way—needs him right where he is?”

Thanks to Carmella for answering a couple of questions for me!

Q. What do you hope young readers will take away from NOTHING IS LITTLE?

A. I hope Felix’s story helps readers realize that, even though they may not realize it, they leave their “fingerprints” wherever they go.

Q. What advice do you have for young writers?

A. Treat yourself like a writer. Don’t say “I’m going to be a writer.” Say, “I am a writer.” And then keep writing and revising, and paying attention to the world around you.

Thanks, Carmella!

p.s. Fun to catch up with fellow MiGwriters yesterday, including Carmella – we toasted the launch of her new book, as you can see below! Our writing critique group has been working together and supporting each other for 15 years now. In this video: Carmella Van Vleet, Christina Farley, Andrea Mack and me.

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