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Humor in children’s books, animated GIFs for you to use, Happy Holidays!


(Note: feel free to use my GIPHY animations in your blog posts, too!)

I find that I always hesitate a bit whenever I hear the phrase, “How are you doing?” There’s part of me that feels like answering, “Pandemic-fine.” Because like many others out there, I have behind-the-scenes stresses going on that are directly or indirectly related to what’s been going on the world these past ten months. I have elders in lockdown at senior homes, friends who are going through especially challenging times, uncertainty in the publishing world, etc.


Through it all, I remind myself to be grateful for what I do have, and the friends and family in my life.

One of my work-related challenges this past year has been trying to get into the headspace of launching/promoting a book that isn’t about “serious” issues. I wasn’t the only kitlit book creator who felt this way, and as a result of coversations about this topic, I wrote an article for the Nerdy Book Club called “Humor Books – Why Readers Need Them More Than Ever.”

Like many others, I also found it difficult to focus on creative projects earlier in the pandemic. What I was able to do: dig out my sewing machine and brush off my beginner skills to learn how to sew masks. I also threw myself into learning new tech skills, including live streaming and learning more about Adobe Premiere Pro and video editing. 

Here is one of the very first videos I made during the pandemic, back in March:

Can’t tell how stressed I am, can you? Heh.

You can browse the other videos I’ve been working on via my YouTube channel. Still feels weird to say “my YouTube channel” – if I could tell my younger self that I’d eventually VOLUNTARILY be posting videos of myself for public viewing, I would never have believed it.

What I’ve learned: it’s good to regularly force yourself to step a bit out of your comfort zone. Yes, you may fail spectacularly (which I have, on many occasions). But every time you succeed, then your comfort zone gets a wee bit bigger.

I’ve also just recently discovered the world of animated GIFs! I’ve always enjoyed doodling on my iPad with my Apple Pencil in Procreate, and have experimented with the Animation-Assist feature. I’ve never had the time or energy to create longer animations, but animated GIFs suit me perfectly and are not only fun for me to create but often therapeutic. 

Anyway, feel free to check out (and use) my stickers and GIFs on my GIPHY page.


Have a safe and peaceful holiday season, all!