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Need a gift for a book lover, writer or illustrator but have a small budget? Give them some TIME.

Looking for a meaningful gift for a friend but don’t have the cash? Consider giving them TIME to read, write or illustrate. Click the image above for a print-ready PDF or download the “Gift Of Time” gift certificate here.

Depending on your relationship with the recipient, you could offer to do dishes for a week, pick up the kids from school, x number of hours of running, grocery shopping, babysitting and so on. If your friend complains about not having time to read, combine this certificate with a book.

Some suggestions for presenting the gift:

– Slip the certificate into a white envelope and then decorate the envelope with holiday stickers, sparkles, doodles, etc.

– Roll up the certificate and tie a color ribbon around it. Present it as is, or wrapped in gold tissue paper.

– Combine the certificate with themed gift, like with some packaged soothing chamomile or mint tea, chocolates in a mug, or other “it’s time to spoil yourself” items.

– Combine the certificate with one of your favorite books.


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