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Free, print-ready template: Insert for iPhone XS Max case with clear back

I recently started printing out and/or drawing on custom inserts for my iPhone XS Max case; I’m currently using an Otterbox Traction Series case with a clear back. In case anyone else wants to experiment with these as well, here’s a free, print-ready template (3 per page). ***I strongly advise printing out a test on cheap paper first and doing a test cutout to see how the template fits your case. You will also need to do a bit of trimming here and there.

Ideas for authors and illustrators: design an insert with characters from your upcoming book, or book covers. For a recent event, I printed out an insert with my name, Twitter and Instagram accounts – that way whenever I took a photo of people at the event, they could see who I am (if they didn’t know already) as well as where they could find my livetweets/posts.

Idea for illustrators: print out the template on nice paper and then fill the paper with art. Make sure you don’t draw with anything that might leave marks on the back of your iPhone! And again, do a test printout/cutout with cheap paper before starting to draw, to see how the template will fit your case.

You can find more free, print-ready templates and activities here. I’ve collected so many templates, posters, activity sheets etc. that this coming year, my plan is to reorganize into different pages to make my Free, Print-Ready Archive easier to navigate. I’ll be posting updates as well as special bonus offers in my email newsletter (which I also plan to update more regularly :-)).

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