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Doing Donalyn Miller’s #BookADay Through The Year (and how able to read more these days)

I’ve decided to try doing Donalyn Miller’s #BookADay Challenge throughout the year instead of just during the summer. 


I’m reading a lot more picture books than I used to, but often lack the time to post about them. I’m also behind in posting about some of the wonderful middle grade and YA I’ve read recently! So I’ve created this post along with the live-updated Padlet showing many of my notebook-style “what I read” posts. For those who have been asking: I created these by taking a photo of a blank Hilroy notebook page, then adding graphics and handwriting using Photoshop. 

One tip for getting more reading done, I’ve found: to embrace ALL formats. I read in print, ebook and audiobook. I listen to audiobooks while I’m doing housechores or doing repetitive illustration stuff that doesn’t need my full attention on the art. If I’m waiting in line at the grocery store or in a crowded subway car, I’ll read books on my iPhone (I can flip pages with my thumb).

I hope some of these tips help some of you get more reading done!