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Common mistake by new picture book writers: assuming that short = easy or quick.

I once asked my editor at Simon & Schuster Children’s, Justin Chanda, what he finds is the biggest mistake that aspiring picture book writers tend to make. His answer:

“The one that I see most often, and it covers a multitude of sins, is they do not take the time to really hone their project. Writers have so many ideas they want to work on one, move on to the next, flood an editor with a bunch of projects… Thing is, picture books take time. There is craft, there is fine tuning, there is CUTTING OF TEXT. All of this takes time. A book needs to be read aloud. It needs to be tweaked and made sure that every word is there for a reason — a good reason. Rushing to get through, or assuming that short = easy or quick is a recipe for disaster.

“That and thinking rhyming solves everything are the biggest mistakes.”