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Donalyn Miller’s 9th Annual Summer #BookADay Challenge and how I’m using it this summer

Yay, it’s time for Donalyn Miller’s annual summer #BookADay Challenge!

I do read all year round, but I find the #BookADay event a fun extra excuse to do some extra reading, plus I love the community aspect and book-sharing suggestions. You can see my own #BookADay archives here as well as on Padlet.

As Donalyn points out in her kickoff video below, it’s not a competition. It’s about rediscovering your reading mojo. From her blog post: “The summer #bookaday event endures as an annual opportunity to hit the reset button on our reading lives, connect with other readers, celebrate books, and remind ourselves how much reading matters to our lives and the young people we serve.”

“It doesn’t matter if you actually read a book every day or not. Dedicate more time to read. Celebrate your right to read what you want. Make reading plans. Share and collect book recommendations. Connect with other readers.The #bookaday challenge is personal, not a competition. Finish that series. Tackle that epic historical your mother gave you for your birthday (last September). Try audiobooks. How would you like to grow as a reader this summer?”

What I do: I read books I haven’t read before but I also reread books as well, including picture books. I listen to audiobooks while I’m doing housework or other repetitive activities. I embrace all formats, not just print. I have books on-the-go everywhere in our house. How are YOU using the #BookADay Challenge?

Donalyn also suggests taking Gene Luen Yang’s Reading Without Walls Challenge, which encourages us to read outside our comfort zone. Browse recent #ReadingWithoutWalls posts on Twitter.

Here’s where you can find more info about #Bookaday:

Donalyn Miller’s #BookADay kickoff video on the Nerdy Book Club FB page

Donalyn Miller’s blog post about the history of #BookADay plus guidelines

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If you’re interested in encouraging lifelong reading habits in young people and haven’t read The Book Whisperer and Reading In The Wild, I encourage you to do so!

Teachers, librarians and others who work with young readers: I’m collecting useful resources to help encourage summer reading as well as providing free print-read summer book recommendations sheets.