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RUBY ROSE book launches today! Plus some giveaways, free bookplates and dancing in the street

Woohoo, RUBY ROSE, OFF TO SCHOOL SHE GOES! dances into the world today!!!

Ruby Rose loves to dance while she’s brushing her teeth, eating breakfast, and even on her way to class. But there’s NO DANCING at school! Or…is there? With a little luck and a lot of rhythm, Ruby Rose finds a way to get everyone up on their dancing feet. A perfect back-to-school book for budding dancers!

Look! I drew author Rob Sanders in one of the illustrations for RUBY ROSE, OFF TO SCHOOL SHE GOES.

I had so much fun illustrating this story by Rob Sanders for HarperCollins Children’s Books. Also so grateful to all the other people involved in helping create this book, including: Maria Modugno, Martha Rago, Margaret Anastas and Jeanne Hogle. You can find out more about the making of the book in How Ruby Rose Was Created, A Guide For Young Readers. Also feel free to download the free Ruby Rose, Off To School She Goes Teacher’s Guide by Marcie Colleen for students in preschool through 3rd grade. 

If you buy the book from an indie bookstore by June 27th, I’ll mail you a free signed/doodled RUBY ROSE bookplate and fun stickers! Details here, but summary: after you’ve bought the book, let me know (use this contact form and choose “Other”, include your email) and I’ll ask you for a photo or scan of the receipt plus ask you details about the bookplate.

A week ago, I invited my Facebook followers to help me put together a “Never miss a chance to DANCE!” playlist in celebration of my upcoming launch. I asked people to suggest ONE song that makes them want to dance or just makes them happy. Congrats to John Durno, who wins a copy of the book! I’ll be giving away another copy at the end of today as well as some Ruby Rose hand-drawn doodles: just post *your* song suggestion in the comments below *or* on my FB post, and I’ll choose five random commenters to win prizes. Edited: Note that you do NOT have to be on Facebook to participate. Just post a comment below. 🙂

Here’s the “Never Miss A Chance To DANCE!” playlist so far:

My choice: HOCKEY MONKEY performed by Ookla The Mok:

Ruby Rose author Rob Sanders’s choice:

From Teresa Robeson:

From Emily Wayne:

From Allison Durno:

From Joey Shoji:

From John Durno:

From Suzanne Kaufman:

From BJ Mattson:

From Trisha Speed Shaskan:

From Kathy Ellen Davis:

From Jenn Hubbs:

From Catherine MacDonald:

From Barry and Lee Gold: The Graviportal Polka” by Dr. Jane Robinson.

Thanks to all who volunteered their happydancemusic! Feel free to post yours below.