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Going undercover with CLAYTON STONE, AT YOUR SERVICE by Ena Jones (Holiday House)

As you can tell from the photo, I had fun going undercover with CLAYTON STONE, AT YOUR SERVICE (Holiday House Books for Young People), a debut novel from my Curtis Brown, Ltd. agency sister, Ena Jones. Looking forward to Clayton’s second adventure in CLAYTON STONE, FACING OFF, coming fall 2016.

You can find a Teacher’s Guide and other info on Ena’s website, and you can also find her on Twitter at @EnaJones. Also see the Holiday House Books For Young People website page about the book.

Synopsis: “Twelve-year-old Clayton Stone is shocked when a top-secret government organization recruits him as a decoy in a kidnapping sting. Instantly, he gets drawn into the dangerous world of covert operations. Clayton’s new life is full of excitement, with elaborate disguises and classified debriefings, but soon enough there’s a gun against his neck. Clayton’s transformation from middle-school lacrosse star to Special Service agent is full of suspense, humor and heart—a thrilling undercover debut!”