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Power Thesaurus: Free Crowd-Sourced Online Thesaurus

There are already a bunch of online thesaurus sites out there, like Thesaurus.comMerriam-Webster’s ThesaurusCollins ThesaurusVisual Thesaurus and others, but Power Thesaurus was the first crowd-sourced online thesaurus I’ve come across.

I like the clean interface, without all kinds of ads cluttering the space. Just noticed that my friend Tara Lazar also likes it:

Power Thesaurus creator Alexander Radyushin kindly agreed to answer a few questions for me:

Q. What made you decide to start Power Thesaurus?

Few years ago I was developing a presentation about website development and it became obvious to me that existing thesauri are simply too inconvenient to use as well as their content is not up to date considering the modern pace of language development. So, for me it was obvious that somebody has to combine the power of crowdsourcing with modern web usability standards and create a user-oriented online thesaurus that is been developed for one primary goal – assist user in their pursuit for most relevant terms. In comparison to other similar tools (like, Power Thesaurus has a greater focus on clean content presentation and ability to narrow down the lists by using parts of speech and/or topic filters.

Q. What has feedback been like so far?

We have a very positive response from writing community. We see a stable growth of regular users as well as very positive reviews of Power Thesaurus by writers in their emails, blogs and social networks. Some of them are listed here: and in Twitter search

Q. Any plans for future improvements you’d like to share?

At the moment we are completely rewriting the website and applications (iOS and Android) to a new version of Power Thesaurus that will have a large number of updates in all areas. Few of them are: richer content like phrases, more functionality like term popularity and definitions, upgraded look & feel, including personal customizations, International versions. Some people say that Power Thesaurus is already almost a perfect online thesaurus, however our team still see the potential for a great number of further improvement that will keep us very busy at least in the following years.

Feel free to try out Power Thesaurus yourself:

Are you a Power Thesaurus fan? Is there another online writer’s thesaurus you’d like to recommend? Feel free to post below.