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Trying out to digitally sign & doodle autographs

read about letting authors digitally sign copies of their books on Mediabistro today, and have decided to try it out. You can see a sample of how the above doodle/signature was drawn (this is what a reader would receive as well). Here is the Author FAQ from the site.

The service is free, though points out that if a reader is using Amazon’s Personal Document Service, Amazon may charge a small fee. At present, the site’s only income-generating model seems to be through Amazon affiliate links. 

Once you’ve signed your message and autograph, the reader who requested it has the option of downloading it as a PDF or AZW file, which can then be saved on devices or printed out. When printed out, the image fills an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. It would be nice if a reader had the option of a smaller size that is suitable for printing out and sticking inside the book. Savvy readers, though, will know how to shrink the image before printing.

Readers can also share their author autographs on Twitter. Here’s a demo video:

Though the idea of being able to digitally sign a book is great, I can’t help but be skeptical about the demand. I know that I’d far prefer a real-life ink autograph than a digital file that’s been printed out…BUT’s process saves the author the postage and printing costs/hassle of autographed bookplates sent by snailmail. Plus the opportunity for the reader to send a brief message to the author and then see the signature being drawn adds an extra level of personal interaction.

I’m intrigued enough that I’ll be adding this to my I‘M BORED Bonus Page and see how it goes.

More info about Authorgraph:

To request an Authorgraph from me about I’M BORED:

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