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fAiRy gOdSiStErS iNk 6th Annual SCBWI Summer Conference Scholarship – Deadline: April 15th

[Note from Debbie: The fAiRy gOdSiStErS are right — this conference can definitely be a career-changer. It was for meLee Wardlaw(bottom left in the photo) was the one who first told me about the SCBWI, and I’ll always be grateful. Lee was also my very first writing mentor, and introduced me to her agent…Ginger is now my agent as well. 🙂 THANK YOU, LEE!!]

::::: fAiRy gOdSiStErS iNk :::::

has announced their 6th annual SCBWI Summer Conference Scholarship!

wHo can apply: YOU with your shiny SCBWI membership (Make haste to to join/renew if needed)

wHaT: $1,000.00 toward conference tuition, manuscript or portfolio critique, and a bit of mad money during your LA stay.

wHeN: Conference runs from August 2 -5, 2013

wHeRe: The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles CA

wHy: We are five very fortunate authors for children and young adults who have been generously mentored, guided and supported by a host of talented individuals. We can’t think of a better way to thank them than by easing the way for others. The National Conference is a game-changer.

hOw: To enter, write at least one but no more than three haiku telling us why we should pick you for this year’s conference. (A haiku is a three-line poem, featuring a total of 17 syllables: 5 in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 again in the third.) Have some fun with this!

Email your entry to by April 15th. Winners will be announced on May 1st. Questions, just ask! Our Facebook Page:

Please feel free to share this info with your SCBWI buddies everywhere.

Best of luck to you all!

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